Susanne Eman Fattest Woman in the World

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This world of ours is full of extra ordinary people. Some people are born extra ordinary while others strive through many trials to reach this level. But the goal is always simple to be called extra ordinary, to stand out of the crowd. You will easily find tons of examples of this type of people everywhere. You may remember an eccentric rich man who wrote in his will to bury his favorite car, a Bentley, with him. You and me would go crazy of such a thought considering how expensive the car is. It turned out he was just doing this to get attention. And this is only a rich man playing with his own money. You will find many people who do peculiar things with their body to be called extra ordinary. Like raising finger nails and having nails going to the length of several feet. It is widely seen that people all over the world want to be slim and smart and they go through serious endeavors to lose weight and keep themselves in perfect body shape. But today we have such a lady who eats intentionally to put on weight. And not just some weight, she wanted to become the fattest woman on earth and she became it.

The 33 year old fattest woman Susanne Eman engaged with her boyfriend Parker Clack. She is a fattest woman in all over the world. She revealed her controversial dream of reaching a target weight 115 stone last.

The couple lives with two sons as 17 year old Gabriel and 13 year old Brendin. Susanne said ‘I still want to be the fattest woman in the world and my husband Parker is fine with that. He goes swimming with me, helps me do anything. He does most of the house work helps encourage me to go for walks and cooking.’

Her boyfriend Parker said ‘I do worry about her health of course but she eats some healthy food as salad and I make sure she does exercises. I support her because it makes her happy and I love big women.’

He also adds ‘She had a check up and the doctor said she was fine and she’s gambling with her life. Susanne says ‘I can avoid the fate of others and I have reached over 1000lbs. I do my best to eat much healthy food as possible.’

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