Why Good Fats Help You Lose Fat

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By Paul

For most of my life, I’d always avoided eating dietary fat as we’d always been told that it would end up as fat on your body – I’d always buy the low-fat option of food even though it didn’t taste as good as the full-fat ones, I wouldn’t eat nuts, cheese, avocado or even cook with a little bit of oil as I knew they were full of fat.

When I began reading books on detoxing and clean eating, I discovered that they all encouraged you to eat good fats (found in nuts, avocados, olive oil, salmon, etc.), I couldn’t believe it, they were actually telling me that I could enjoy these fats without feeling guilty and they’d actually help me lose weight instead of actually putting it on! Wow, it sounded too good to be true!! I was a bit skeptical at first. But you know what? Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar and bad carbs do (which ironically are both essentially fat-free).

Your body needs a moderate amount of fat to slim down

At the point when you’re not getting sufficient dietary fat, your body stores fat, proposing you want fat to accomplish weight reduction. That is upheld by a review distributed in The New Britain Diary of Medication, which found that ladies who followed a moderate-fat eating routine shed a normal of 5.9kg more contrasted and those on a low-fat eating routine.

So why else are good fats (Mono-unsaturated) so good for us?

  • They stop you from overeating as they are extremely filling and satisfying
  • Slows the rate at which sugar hits your bloodstream which allows your blood sugar levels to remain steady
  • Helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals better
  • Helps cushion your joints, which is especially important if you exercise
  • Gives you great-looking skin, hair, and nails – nourishes our bodies from the inside out
  • Prevents us from craving something sweet after a meal
  • It gets rid of sluggishness, lethargy, and fatigue
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol

But the most exciting thing I discovered is that…

Essential Fatty Acids (from Poly-unsaturated fats – see table below) found in salmon, canola oil and canola spreads, walnuts, pecans, and linseeds   HELP TO SHIFT FAT OUT OF THE FAT CELLS AND INTO THE BLOODSTREAM WHERE IT CAN BE WORKED OFF BY THE BODY. Studies show that these fatty acids help the body burn fat, especially around your midsection. This is why eating salmon and taking Omega 3 supplements are so important if you want to lose fat!!! I always take 2 a day for good health. Even Elle McPherson swears by them and looks at her…

But one thing to remember is that not all fats are created equal – make sure that you stay clear of “Bad Fats “though.

  • Trans fats are found in nearly all processed foods, and they’ve been linked to obesity, some cancers, and even infertility. They exist in store-bought biscuits, muffins, margarine, pastries, crisps, “diet” foods, and just about anything that has a long shelf life.
  • Saturated Fats raise bad cholesterol and are fattening- the fat on meat, chicken skin, full-fat dairy – cheese, cream, etc.

So, make sure you eat lots of good fats, take Omega 3′s every day and when you’re choosing food always go for the full-fat options, not only will they keep you fuller for longer but the “low fat” options are usually pumped full of sugar and other toxic flavorings to make them taste better.

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