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The whole world knows him by Salt Bae, but his real name is Nusrat Gokce. Salt Bae is a Turkish celebrity chef who is also a social media personality. His restaurant Nusr-Et has branches in many countries of the world. Recently he has opened his branch in London. Salt Bae is famous for his steaks occasionally dubbed as luxury steaks.

Internet especially of nowadays not of the starting era, is a very fascinating thing. Here anyone can become an overnight star and any act can gain popularity all over the world. One wonders who easily fates can change. Same happened with Nusret Gokce. He owes all of his popularity to a meme. In 2017, his technique of seasoning and preparing meat became a meme and suddenly he became world famous. Owing to his popularity his business boomed and more and more people started flocking towards him giving him the status of a celebrity chef. Now he owns luxury steak house in Turkey, Greece, US, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with focus now coming up on Europe with his latest London branch.

He hails from a humble Kurdish family and dwindling state of family finances forced him to leave school and work on a butcher shop. He had seen the bottom so the flame to rise on the top burnt brightly. He worked hard and mastered the art of butchering.

He didn’t limit himself to anything. In the pursuit of gaining experience Salt Bae worked for free in many restaurants in US and South America. His plans had always been to open a restaurant. To own a successful one, he had to learn everything about restaurants. His labor bore fruit and his first restaurant was opened in Istanbul in 2010.

He got the name Salt Bae from his meme and videos in which he is shown displaying his knife using skills while cutting meat. His style of sprinkling salt on meat was so unique and interesting that it got popular all over the world. It got viewed in millions on Instagram and earned him the title of “Salt Bae”. His profile raised from a local chef to an internationally acclaimed one overnight.

With great popularity also came the sharp views of critics. Many criticized his food on different fronts including over- priced which they most certainly are. He was also called out for taking a share of tips from the waiters and firing over personal petty issues. He is also criticized for an extravagant bill of 37 thousand pounds.

Salt Bae Quotes

Without any doubt he has seen hard days. But those hard days gave him something far more precious. His sayings are highly revered and inspires many. Some of the most famous Salt Bae quotes are as follows

  • I’m a leader at the restaurant. If I do this, the people at the restaurant will try to do better. I believe in that, and that’s the way it is.
  • Every day for me is the same.
  • In Turkey, butchering was a low-class, degrading job. Now, thanks to me, all the kids want to become butchers.
  • Being tired isn’t anything. What’s important is the mind. The body being tired isn’t important. You can get over the body being tired by resting for a half-hour or an hour. What’s important is whether the mind is tired.
  • Without much money, I traveled to Argentina to see the meat industry, and after that, I wanted to travel to the United States, but I was refused a visa 5 or 6 times, but I never gave up.
  • “I view my job as an art because I make art out of meat and the move is like a final touch on this art. It came from within me.”

Salt Bae Net- Worth

The most sought for thing for a man of Salt Bae’s stature is his net- worth. People judges the success of any man by his balance sheet. In some sense, this is the law of the world. Salt Bae’s net- worth is estimated to be around $60 million. He owes it all to his chain of restaurants. He began his venture in 2010 and in 2017 he became world known, from regional to international. His hard work ensured the success of his steak house empire and won him admiration from millions all around the world.

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