After discovering that Father Gallon had been expelled for bringing disgrace upon the Church only a month previously (after a misguided incident with Sister Constance Craving, who seemed to be followed by ‘trouble’) Brother Juice, with a smile, carefully unpacked his precious vials, carefully extracted absolutes, the very purest essences of the world’s finest, and also most unpalatable tobaccos.

Robust and aromatic fire cured varieties from the southern US, Kentucky, Tennesse, and in Europe similar curing processes produced Latakia. Burleys, White Burleys,and Cavendish varieties were in abundance, his most prized find ,the famous black perique was unsmokeable, even the farmers mixed it with a Cavendish,and its earthy scent still came through unmistakably. In the far East he had collected Thuoc Lou and more varieties of Shade, and wild tobaccos from farmers on every continent. In Cuba, with its many distractions he hunted down examples of Criojo and Criollo. Not content with the pleasures offered by tobacco alone Brother Juice hunted down the finest vanilla pods from Madagascar, cloves and black pepper from India, cane sugar from the Indies, and fine anise from Turkey.


However he combined these essences there was something missing, he had failed and the sadness that came over him was all-consuming, gazing out through the leaded glass he saw Brother Adam, attending to the bees swarming over the newly blossoming lavender beds and that was where his journey ended. He smiled to himself, the sweetness, the richness , the bees would provide the missing notes. That night Brother Juice passed away, at peace, his work complete. After discovering Brother Juice’s meticulously kept notes, Brother Adam produced a special blend in his honour, Brother Adam’s Buckfast Bee, which will be available very soon

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