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  • Quad Coil Build on the Geekvape Tsunami.

Rip the phattest vape! :p

We’ve all heard how adaptable the Velocity style deck is when it comes to coil options. So many tanks and drippers now come with the ‘v-deck’ as standard. The Geekvape Tsunami, the Griffin, the Wotofo Ice 3, and the , errr, Velocity RDA itself all have these options available. But the reality is I’ve never strayed from my bog-standard dual coil build that i stick in pretty much everything. It works. It vapes well. It’s simple. It’s quick.

WARNING/Cautionary Note.. This is not intended as a tutorial to be followed blindly. Please do not attempt to recreate this build or other very low resistance builds unless you are confident about the implications of ohms law and have a reliable regulated mod and safe batteries with suitable discharge outputs. 20 amp continuous discharge batteries area minimum, with a regulated mod.

Do not even think of trying a mech build like this if you have no experience of rebuilding.

Using the 521 Tab, also from Geekvape, to ensure a safe build.


The Requirements

Stepping outside my comfort zone with a few spare minutes to kill I decided to try something new to me. A quad coil build. The main issues I could foresee were going to be:

  • keeping the resistance above 0.1ohms, in order to use the build on my trusty Tesla Invader 3 
  • fitting the coils without shorting them against each other
  • keeping the coils all at identical lengths to ensure an even glow
  • making it look pretty
  • how to wick the build effectively

Essential to maintain a space between the top and bottom coils


The Process

Using my usual stardriver (approx 2.3mm diameter) and some 0.3×0.8mm alien wire I wrapped 4 8-turn coils next to each other. A bigger diameter may have caused issues with space. The 8 turns ensured a high enough resistance, with each coil coming in at approx 0.55ohms. Remember, adding an extra coil decreases the resistance of the final build; the quad coil will divide the resistance of each coil by a factor of 4.  Also the 8 turns gave the coil length to utilise the available width of the Tsunami’s deck.

Fitting the Quad Coil

To fit the coils I left fairly long legs on the wrapped coils, and removed one from the mandrel in order to measure up for final fitting. Trimming the legs of the coils after fitting was not going to be an option, with 8 legs needing cutting to size, it was going to be far too overcrowded. I put the coil loosely onto the deck, with the legs through the posts. then trimmed the legs and put it back on the mandrel. Then it was simple enough to trim the legs of the remaining three coils to the correct length.

With the coils all trimmed to size, it was simple enough to fit them in pairs, the lower coils first, followed by the upper pair. Tighten the grub screws well into the posts, and then fire the Tab 521. It was at this point I realised the huge drain on the battery, and although the quad coil heated enough to squeeze and adjust into place, the single cell in the 521 Tab was quickly depleted, and never really got a satisfactory glow.

Test Firing the Build

So it was time to pop the Tsunami, with its quad coil installed,onto the Invader 3 and give it a few test fires. Which resulted in a few more pretty pictures and a few adjustments with the ceramic tweezers. Very satisfying the whole process when you see the results of your efforts too.

quad coil-test-fire-glow

Wicking The Quad Coil

Wicking was something I hadn’t considered, as i hadn’t planned on building this, was just using some spare minutes.

The solution I used may not be the best solution, but it works. any other suggestions are welcomed. I consulted my esteemed colleague Brian Mimpress, who was, unsurprisingly, clueless as to where to go with this. My technical advisor Andi  Howman was otherwise engaged and unable to offer any help either. Eventually though we found a way that worked.

The upper coils used a thinner wick, trimmed quite short and put into the middle of the Tsunami’s deck, leaving a central space between the posts to allow airflow.

The lower coils used a much denser wick and the tails were put either side of the Kennedy style airflows. Care was taken to allow airflow between the coils, and up through the central channel. The Quad Coil works. It does generate a lot of heat however, and a longer drip tip will prevent burning one’s lips. A higher power than might be considered is essential too, as otherwise the coils take a long time to heat. there’s little danger of a dry hit, or burnt wicks though, due to the thickness of the coil wire.

quad coil wick trim
quad coil top wick placement


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