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Shortfills, ours are bigger! 160ml bottles, containing 130ml overflavoured juice, to allow for the addition of up to 30mls nicotine solution, THREE nic shots are included free with every shortfill.

For 160ml bottles, choose 130ml if you wish to add

  • 2 x nic shots to make 150ml @ 2,66mg/mlor,
  • 3 x nic shots to make 160ml @ 3.75mg/ml

and choose 110ml if you wish to add

  • 4 x nic shots to make 150ml @ 5.33 mg/ml
  • 5 x nic shots to make 160ml @ 6.25mg/ml

If you have 72mg/ml nicotine you may choose the 130ml size

  • add 20mls to give you 150mls @ 9.6 mg/ml juice
  • add 30mls to give you 160mls @ 13.5mg/ml juice

3 x 20ml nic shots are included with all 160 ml shortfills

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