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These ejuices do not contain tobacco flavours or tobacco absolute. Menthol E liquid, along with fruit ejuices, bakery flavours, and a selection which includes drinks, confectionary and desserts. At £19.50 for 160ml shortfills, these ejuices are excellent value and are made using the same base ingredients and Flavourart flavour concentrates as all our other juices.

The juices available will vary from time to time, and existing customers will have noticed the flavours in this range have changed somewhat recently with the addition of some flavours based on customer feedback both in the shop and online.

Menthol e liquid has been regularly requested and so in addition to Menthol Blast, and Berry McGuigan, we’ve added Heston Bluementhol (a blueberry menthol e liquid), and Murray Mintwalker ( sort of Werther’s Original on steroids), even gone so far off piste there’s now a Raspberry Ripple in the line-up.

The Strawman has been tweaked with the addition of vanillin to round it out a little and add a very subtle creamy element.

And for fans of dessert/bakery style vapes we’ve added a FriedBlueberryDoughnut, a continental churro style doughnut with icing sugar and a very faint hint of cinnamon. Surprisingly  I’ve even been vaping this one myself

Choose the flavour you require, and the volume required.

For 16ml bottles, choose:

  • 13.5ml if you wish to add nic to make a 3mg (*2.8mg/ml) juice
  • 11ml if you wish to add nic to make a 6mg (*5.7mg/ml) juice
  • 6ml if you wish to add nic to make a 12mg (*11.4mg/ml) juice

*denotes actual strength after addition of nic shot at 18mg/ml

For 160ml bottles, choose 130ml if you wish to add

  • 2 x nic shots to make 150ml @ 2,66mg/ml or,
  • 3 x nic shots to make 160ml @ 3.75mg/ml

and choose 110ml if you wish to add

  • 4 x nic shots to make 150ml @ 5.33 mg/ml
  • 5 x nic shots to make 160ml @ 6.25mg/ml

If you have 72mg/ml nicotine you may choose the 130ml size

  • add 20mls to give you 150mls @ 9.6 mg/ml juice
  • add 30mls to give you 160mls @ 13.5mg/ml juice

3 x 20ml nic shots are included with all 160 ml shortfills

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