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All Our E-Juice is now only available in zero nicotine options, but we’ve made it simple for you to adjust the liquids to your required strength if desired.

All juices are OVERFLAVOURED so that once the correct amount of nicotine has been added, the finished e-juice will be at the optimum level of flavouring. All juices, once the nicotine VG shots have been added will be at a standard 65VG ratio.

B-Juice Originals

Where it all started, a highly acclaimed range of very different tobacco fusion e liquids, each one built up from a base blend of 3 different tobaccos, with complimentary flavours to give each one of these e-juices a very different flavour profile.

NOW ALSO INCLUDING THE RETURN OF BROTHER ADAM’S BUCKFAST BEE. ON PUBLIC SALE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2014. The first batches of this are expected to sell out very quickly, see product page for further information on this very special e liquid

Bucky Value Range

We’ve overhauled our Value range, based on customer feedback and we’re sure with new flavours such as FriedBlueberryDoughnut, Murray Mintwalker, and others along with improved versions of the Strawman, and one or two more in the pipeline there, will be something here for all tastes. STILL NO CUSTARDS THOUGH.

These juices are free from tobacco flavouring, and are based on fruit flavours, drinks, confectionery and even dessert style vapes now. If you have a sweeter tooth, dive in. We do not use sucralose, nor any artificial sweeteners in any of our e-juice.

Los Colmeneros.

A very special collection of tobacco only blends, for those vapers who like their tobacco strong, naturally sweet and unadulterated. Cigar type, cigar blends, fire cured and flue cured tobaccos are used in different combinations to give a rich , deeply satisfying and naturally complex range of e-juices.

Oh yes, do remember that if adding nicotine to our nicotine free e-juice, that once added, THE JUICE CONTAINS NICOTINE, WHICH IS A HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE.

If you do not already have a nicotine habit we strongly advise against the use of this substance, which should not be used during pregnancy, nor by minors.

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