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All mods here, some have an integral battery to power them, others require 18650 batteries, all available in the Misc. section of the store. Samsung 25R 20A, LG HE4 20A, Aspire 1800mah 40A (hmmm), and Sony VCT4s 30A.

We are reducing our offering of mods, as we believe that these are the least important part of your vaping set up, being a means by which to transfer power from the batteries, to the coil. The atomizer chosen, and the coil, or the build used in it, is far more important in terms of varying the quality of the vapour.

Dual 18650 mods will obviously have a longer battery life than single cell units, while able to produce more power.

Many mods offer a range of functions these days, before buying such a unit, be sure that you actually need bluetooth controls, touchscreens, OLED displays, integrated mp3 player etc. The more bells and whistles on a mod, the more scope for failure.

CLONE FREE ZONE B-Juice does not, and will not sell clones or counterfeits of any description. It is up to people to choose whether they use these items, which can be sourced elsewhere. They have a place in the market and we hold nothing against those people who prefer to use this option. However, we believe that designers and manufacturers of authentic equipment should be supported, in order to constantly improve design and innovation, and that the higher quality and production standards make it a far better option in the long run for most customers.
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