The Pharaoh Dripper Tank,

On Sale at B-Juice today.

geek-vape-logo-ok001 digiflavor-logo-tm digiflavor-pharaoh-dripper-tank-review-rip-tripper-425x300

On sale at £30.99 the Pharaoh dripper tank is made by Digivape, a new sub brand from Geekvape. Rip Trippers also had some input with Digivape, and it’s being sold as by Rip and Digiflavour.


digiflavor-pharaoh-the-dripper-tank-450x450 pharaoh dripper tank feature banner digiflavor-pharaoh-dripper-tank-new-standard-configuration

Some great features, some new features, and we’ll report back once we’ve had a good look at and road tested them ourselves.

digiflavor-pharaoh-the-dripper-tank-gif-two digiflavor-pharaoh-dripper-tank-001 digiflavor-pharaoh-the-dripper-tank-gif-three

In the meantime , if you’re quick you might grab one of our first delivery of the Digivape Pharaoh RDTAs, but if not,the next batch will be arriving here in about a week’s time

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