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E-Juice Concentrates

I was all ready to write a newsy post about the latest additions to our range of e-juice concentrates, but I’ve been told I ramble on a bit much and people either drift off bored, or just switch off in anger/frustration/confusion

So, instead, I’ve prepared a fully interactive, multimedia, infographic Powerpoint style presentation, which contains all the relevant info, clearly, without all the flannel. Fasten your seatbelts, welcome to the future.

Everything should be crystal clear.


e-juice concentrates gif

Value Range Concentrates

In addition, Berry McGuigan, and The Sultan are the first two of a small selection of e-juice concentrates from the Value range of e liquids, these also go on sale on Monday, 27th, not 24th as stated in the feature presentation above.value e-juice concentrates


Los Concentrates

The majority, but not all of, the Los Colmeneros range will also be going on sale soon, hopefully in the first week of April.

Price Adjustments

Keep your eye on the site during April, we will be having to make a few ‘price adjustments’ as the Night of The Long Knives approaches. These should not be viewed as an incentive to purchase, it’s not a sale, and they are not discounts.

We’ve already made one such adjustment, if you purchase £40 of juice, you can have a Wotofo Conqueror for a tenner. The discount will come off adjustment will be made automatically once you’ve added it to your cart. And the discount  price adjustment made for purchases of 2, 3 or 4 bottles of ejuice is still valid with that offer revised pricing schedule.

Stock Control (the Bane of My Life)

There have been a few delays recently, we’re trying to monitor stock levels and get remaining stocks of juice with nicotine already added all clear, it does mean that sometimes there will be a delay, and sometimes you will find part of your order substituted. Where this has happened we do try to match the strength and flavour profile as closely as possible, and the substituted items are always of a higher value, or a greater quantity, or both than your original order.

We can only apologise for the delays, which in some cases have been unacceptably long, please be assured that most of your orders do get dispatched same or next day, and it#s something we’re looking at improving. It’s down poor organisation on my part, and a stupidly chaotic family life at the moment. Still.

We’re having a final stock check over the weekend, and there are one or two very special items which will either raise a smile, or an eyebrow maybe, coming this way soon. Stock levels on the site will be checked on Sunday/Monday, so by Tuesday I imagine they will be all over the place again.

You will also start to see the new format juices coming onto the site over the next few weeks,

constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates
constance e-liquid concentrates

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