Bewildered by all the choices? New to Vaping? Nitpicker/Pedant? Read On, there’s something here for you.

Choosing the right juice for you can be a bit of a tricky one, particularly if you are new to vaping. The choice of nicotine level, and PG/VG ratio is crucial in terms of getting a satisfying vape. At B-Juice we offer a wide variety of options allowing users to ‘customise’ juices to suit their individual requirements, taste, and vaping devices.

The following is a guide to the nicotine levels and PG/VG ratios available at B-Juice, feel free to contact us via email, or on our facebook page. It’s not an exhaustive guide, and you should speak to other experienced vapers, and if possible try out some juices before you decide what might suit you.

*Experienced vapers will have no need to read on, you’ll all have your favourites already, but if any of you do -in the interests of nitpicking and pedantry – and notice errors or poorly worded advice, or any glaring omissions, please contact us and we’ll try to improve it.

Nicotine Level

Nicotine is dosed in mg/ml of ejuice, it is sometimes expressed as a percentage. B-Juice is available in standard strengths:3mg/ml, (0.3%),  6mg/ml (0.6%), 9mg/ml (0.9%),12mg/ml (1.2%), 18mg/ml (1.8%) and 24mg/ml (2.4%)



If you are a heavy smoker, smoking more than a packet of 20 in a day, or a 12g pouch of rolling tobacco, and you are looking to replace smoking with vaping, and

  • you are using a ‘traditional ‘ starter kit, small clearomiser, pen style ego battery, 18mg/ml would be a good starting point. Many people underestimate, and find it hard to quit smoking as they are not taking in enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings. If this is too harsh, reduce your strength, if it’s not, and you’re not feeling satisfied, maybe consider 24mg/ml strengths.
  • you are using sub-ohm systems,you are unlikely to need any stronger than 12mg/ml, and in fact may even find that 9mg/ml, or 6mg/ml are enough to satisfy your nicotine cravings

A regular daily smoker who smokes all day, but not a great amount and

  • using a ‘traditional ‘ starter kit might find 12mg/ml is enough, or even 9mg/ml
  • using sub-ohm systems,6mg/ml will almost certainly be enough, possibly consider using 3mg/ml , particulary if there is some harshness.

For ‘social’ or ‘weekend smokers’

  • using a ‘traditional ‘ starter kit,6mg/ml might be a strong enough concentration, or they may prefer 9mg/ml
  • using sub-ohm systems, 3mg/ml will almost certainly be strong enough for your needs.

As you continue to vape, you will find the level that is most comfortable for you. Many vapers use different concentrations, depending on the device they are using, for example 3-6mg/ml in a dripper, and 18 mg/ml in a rebuildable tank type atomizer. This is due to differences in the efficiency of nicotine delivery in the different devices

  • Nicotine is the element of ejuice most responsible for the harshness, or throat hit of the vape. If juice is too harsh, most of the time it’s down to the nicotine level.
  • Nicotine requirements are very subjective, this is very much a general guideline.
  • The device being used, and the coil/atomizer in place will greatly affect nicotine delivery.
  • Nicotine is an addictive substance, and those without an existing smoking habit are not advised to take up vaping.
  • Nicotine overdose can make the user feel nauseous and disorientated, perhaps anxious and can cause palpitations. It is unlikely to cause serious problems under normal usage conditions, your brain sends pretty clear signals (see previous sentence) telling you to stop**. If ill effects are felt, cease usage immediately. Seek medical advice if extreme symptoms give cause for concern
  • B-Juice is not intended for use as a part of nicotine replacement therapy, nor as a means to cease nicotine dependency. If this is the intention you should contact your GP or local NHS Trust.
**In the event of someone consuming orally, ie, by drinking, a quantity of eliquid this should be treated as a medical emergency as, particularly in toddlers and small children with no history of nicotine use, fatal blood plasma concentrations can be reached. You MUST ALWAYS ensure E-Juice is treated as potentially harmful and store out of reach and securely if small children are in your home.

PG/VG Ratio

Many new users find this rather confusing, and unsurprisingly. It’s not as complicated a choice as it might seem at first.

PG:Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a manufactured solvent with a wide range of uses in the food industry, in cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, as a solvent, as an antifreeze, and in smoke machines in theatres and clubs.

This is one of the two carriers used in E-Liquids, along with VG (Vegetable Glycerine). PG is a quite thin, almost oily solvent, and allows the juice to wick readily, ie, travel through the wick and into the heating coil to vaporise, as the user inhales.

PG ‘carries flavour’ better than VG, a PG heavy mix will have a brighter sharper flavour.

PG has more of a ‘throat hit’; the catch in the throat that smokers, often subconsciously, crave as part of their nicotine fix.

PG, as mentioned above,allows better juice flow, promoting easier  wicking ability and reducing the chance of a ‘dry hit’ (where the coil heats the unsaturated wick and gives a very harsh, dry inhale which often results in a coughing fit and scrunched up face)

PG doesn’t produce a great deal of vapour when heated.

Some people are PG intolerant. Symptoms of this can include rashes, itching, and dry itchy throat, amongst others. A true PG allergy is very rare and symptoms will be more severe. PG intolerant vapers are usually able to tolerate up to 20-30% PG in a mix.

VG:Vegetable Glycerine (Glycerol)

VG is a naturally occurring substance extracted from plant oils. It is thicker than PG, odourless but with a sweet taste. It is used in similar applications to PG, in the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical products, foods and catering.

VG is a lot more viscous than PG, and used alone it would struggle to travel through most wicks and reach the heating coils, resulting in lots of tight inhales and dry hits.

VG is said to ‘mute’ flavours due to its natural sweetness.

VG biased juices are generally smoother, lacking in the PG throat hit element.

VG produces a lot more vapour, many vapers crave this feeling of filling their lungs with clouds of vapour.

VG allergies and intolerance, while not completely unheard of, are far rarer than PG intolerances.


How Best To Combine These Elements

Both carriers have their place in Eliquids, and again, you will find the right balance which allows you to best enjoy your ejuice.

For a newcomer to vaping, I think it’s important to judge the ideal ratio for your equipment. Discuss your choices with other vapers, there are quite  a few of us about now, and most are happy to talk (at length ) about your choices, and will want to encourage you as you move from smoking to vaping.

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