Our newly opened shop is now fully stocked and open for business.

https://plus.google.com/+BjuiceUk/aboutshop at 23 fore street

We stock a decent range of hardware, as well as our own juice range, a selection of high quality UK guest juices, and all the ingredients, equipment and advice you’ll need to start producing your own eliquids at home. I also carry out+- basic repairs if you’re having problems with your device, most of the time we are able to carry ut repairs and save you having to buy a new device. and give you help if you’re looking to start rebuilding your own coils and saving yourself some money, and get more flavour from your juice.


Our opening times are listed as follows:


Tues:  9.15 – 2

Wed:  9.15 -2         5.30-7.30

Thur: 9.15 -2

Fri:     9.15 – 2        5.30-7.30

Sat:    10.15- 3


We are often available outside these hours, particularly during the afternoons, if you’re passing give us a knock and we’re more than likely preparing internet orders or mixing juices out the back and will be able to help you. If you are making a special trip from Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay or further afield, give us a call, or an email first to save yourself a wasted trip



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