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We are a small company in South Devon, producing hand-blended e-juices for vapers, ex-smokers, and dual-fuellers across the UK, and abroad. When I decided to stop smoking and start vaping I was disappointed at the choice of tobacco based e-liquids available.They didn’t taste like tobacco, often tasted of chemicals and didn’t provide me with what I needed to stop smoking completely, I dual-fuelled for a while, and then decided I could probably do a better job myself and sourced the ingredients required to make my own e-juices.

I found different tobacco essences and sourced some potent absolutes, and through a process of trial and, more often than not error, began to produce juices that tasted of tobaccos. Then I managed to stop smoking tobacco completely and found that vaping e-juice was more enjoyable as my sense of taste started to improve. and provided me with the nicotine I still craved. Vaping e-juice, for me, is an alternative to smoking, a more satisfying alternative.

An e-juice based on a Criollo tobacco essence will not taste the same as smoking a Cuban cigar, but it will taste like inhaling through an unlit Cuban cigar. With no combustion the flavours can shine and vaping a quality e-juice is like tasting a fine tea, or wine, or real ale, the flavours come in layers, with base notes, undertones, and top notes sometimes revealing themselves on the inhale or the exhale. There is far more to be found in vaping than in rolling some tobacco in paper and setting light to it.

B-Juice is the result of a personal mission to find what I consider to be the best flavour experiences available to vapers, I’m constantly working on new flavour combinations, and am rarely completely satisfied. All our juices are tobacco based, at least 50% of the flavourings used in each juice is made up of a blend of two or three tobacco flavourings, with a number of other flavour component s making up the remainder, which will add depth, a new character, balance, contrast with or complement nuances of the tobacco base.

We’re currently sourcing a variety of different strains and cures of tobaccos from tobacco farmers in Africa, Asia, and Europe, and hopefully making some US contacts in order to start trials in the new year extracting our own essences to introduce to the existing range, and as a base for a number of new flavour combinations, some of which have been in the pipeline for over 6 months already.

Juices will be ready to vape from the day you receive them, if they’re not ready they’re not despatched, Father Gallons Ruin, a formidable, strong vape with 11 different flavour components built in stages has a full 4 weeks steeping before it leaves Buckfastleigh, we’re satisfied that the other juices currently in our range are steeped and ready to vape after two weeks.

We offer a standard range of nicotine strengths, and a good range of PG/VG ratios to suit most tastes from 70/30 PG/VG for users of cartomisers and ce type clearo, 50/50 for most clearo users, 30/70 for RBA users, and for the drippers and cloudchasers a 91-94% VG range

I love to hear feedback, positive or negative, as this helps me to hone the flavours further. Please feel free to tell me what you think of our juices, on this site, on our facebook page , or on twitter @BuckyJuice , we will always respond and really appreciate suggestions , or requests for new flavours, although I’m not about to start adding fizzy sherbert trifle custard e-juices, there are other juice-makers who specialise in those kind of flavours, our range will always be based around fine tobaccos of the world.

I hope you enjoy our juices, all made with love and care, in Buckfastleigh, South Devon.

                                             is the website used by B-Juice, Made in Buckfastleigh, trading as B-Juice.

Adrian Fitzpatrick, B-Juice, Made In Buckfastleigh,

3, Orchard Terrace, Buckfastleigh, S. Devon. TQ11 0AH

Tel: (01364) 643010 Mob: (07708) 011672

Email: BuckfastleighJuice- at- gmail- dot- com


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