We’ve been busy bees, we’re now able to offer 30 different flavours, in a range of nicotine strengths, as well as a seperate section for HI-VG 90% plus VG content, and a section for flavour concentrates, to allo DIY vapers to produce our flavours for themselves at home.

If you’re looking for ready to vape juice, there are 3 sections..

B-Juice Originals

Where it all started, a highly acclaimed range of very different tobacco fusion juices, each one built up from a base blend of 3 different tobaccos, with complimentary flavours to give each one of these juices a very different flavour profile.

Bucky Value Range

These juices are free from tobacco flavouring, and range from straight fruit flavurs, drinks, confectionery, and a couple of more complex juices. If you have a sweeter tooth, you;’ll probably find something here to your taste.

New! Los Colmeneros.

Our newest range, a very special collection of tobbacco only blends, for those vapers who likle their tobacco strong, naturally sweet and unadulterated. Cigar type, cuigar blends, fire cured and flue cured tobaccos are used in different combinations to give a rich , deeply satisfying and naturally complex range of juices.